Twitter Tip: Your Tweets Bring Followers

May 18, 2009 by lindac · Leave a Comment
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twitter tipThis is what I saw when I checked email this morning.

I’ve been on Twitter less than a week, and this is how the notices come in. In waves.

I don’t just blindly follow everyone that follows me. I check each one first.

It doesn’t take as long as you’d think. I’ll check all of these in minutes flat.

I just right click and open them all in new tabs. Then, as I flip through the tabs, I can see what’s on the profile page of each member.

The profile pages are cool because they just show what “that” person is posting.

So when I see one that has “MLM OFFER, CLICK NOW” repeatedly on their profile, I don’t add that person. If I see porn, ditto. I don’t add them.

When I see people with really cool stuff on their profile page, articles and info that I’d like to read more of, I add them to my feed reader or my favorites. It’s a really easy way to find great stuff in very little time.

So here’s the tip. Use your tweets wisely. If your profile page is full of great info and friendly conversation, people will follow back. And if you stand out, you may even get more feed subscribers, more bookmarks and more visits to the site you link to at Twitter.

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