How to Install Wordpress, Part 3. Security

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Now you have all the basics set up, and your plugins are activated. You’re almost ready to start blogging. But first, let’s take care of a little security. Did you know that the default install of most blogs leave directory content open to prying eyes? For example, if you type in on most blogs, you can see all the plugins they’re using. That’s also a route that hackers use to find out which plugin they can exploit to hack your blog. So, let’s close that door, shall we?
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How to Install Wordpress, Part 2. Plugins.

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E. Downloading Plugins

Before you can upload and activate your plugins, you’ll need to download them. Create a folder on your desktop to download the plugins to, so you know where they all are.

You’ll notice that each plugin is marked with [content] and/or [niche]. If you’re building a small niche site to sell a product, and don’t plan to have active comments, you won’t need the same plugins that a content blog with active comments will need. Just download the ones that suit the type of blog you’re setting up.
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