Tips for Success with Article Directories

May 14, 2009 by lindac

Wondering where to post your articles?  I’m sharing the ones that work best for me (and clients) - but they may not be the ones that work best for you, so I’ve included a list of the top directories along with their page rank. Plus, here’s a 2 step plan to determine which are best for you:

The Directories That Work Best for me…

2 Step Plan to Find the Best Directories for you…

  1. Add Google Analytics to your blog. (It’s free) Submit articles to a small handful of directories from the list below. Then watch your Google stats to see which send you traffic first. 
  2. After you submit an article, search Google (daily) for the key phrase in your article title. The first 2 directories to show up in Google are probably passing you most linkback value.

If you can find 2-3 directories that send traffic and 2-3 that pass good linkback, that’s the ideal goal. 

Article Directories with page rank…


Which are working best for you and in what genre?

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