Why Subscribers Unsubscribe

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Ever wonder why subscribers unsubscribe?
Here’s an interesting survey from Marketing Sherpa… discussion points below… : )

Why Subscribers Unsubscribe

What about you? Why do you unsubscribe or stop reading? As a business owner, does this change the way you think or the approach you will use with email marketing?

I’d rather see people unsubscribe than just delete without reading. What about you? Would you rather have a smaller list of people that read or a big list of deleters because the number sounds good? As business owners, what could be be doing better to keep people reading our email?

On the flip side… when you keep reading an ezine or newsletter month after month, what keeps you reading that particular one?

Top 10 Tips To Increase Link Weight

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In case you’ve never heard of weighting your links, it refers to actions you can take to increase the value of incoming links. If you’re going to work on getting one way inbound links anyway, why not give them as much weight as you can?

Here’s the top 10 ways to add weight to your inbound links;

1.) Use linking text that matches a search query

2.) Ensure the page that links to you has high trustrank.

3.) Ensure the page that links to you has good pagerank.

4.) Use text links. Image links have less weight and javascript links have even less.

5.) Strive for content area - links in the content area have more weight than links in sidebars

6.) Look for longevity. How long it stays on the page. Links that scroll off have less weight

7.) Understand that relevant text (on the linking page) to the page linked to adds weight.

8.) Understand that relevant text surrounding the link adds weight.

9.) Understand that links from a different IP address pass more weight than the same IP address.

10.) Know that links from domains you don’t own pass more weight than links from sites you own.

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