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Most blogs have the ability to “ping” other servers every time you post content. This allows blog search engines and content aggregators to grab and index your content when it’s fresh.

Two things that are important to know:

  1. Wordpress sends “posts” out by ping. It does not send “pages” out by ping.
  2. Ping servers and ping services are not the same.
    • A ping “server” is one server that you’re sending your post to.
    • A ping “service” sends your post to multiple servers.

You may have seen really LONG “ping” lists floating around the Internet. Often, they contain multiple ping services and well as individual ping servers. If you use those long lists, you could end up sending your post to the same server 3,4,5 times or more, and get labelled as a ping sp@mmer. Not good!

Here’s the list I recommend; Copy/Paste into Options –> Writing
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How to Install Wordpress, Part 3. Security

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Now you have all the basics set up, and your plugins are activated. You’re almost ready to start blogging. But first, let’s take care of a little security. Did you know that the default install of most blogs leave directory content open to prying eyes? For example, if you type in domain.com/wp-content/plugins/ on most blogs, you can see all the plugins they’re using. That’s also a route that hackers use to find out which plugin they can exploit to hack your blog. So, let’s close that door, shall we?
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